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The Aboite Counseling and
Therapy Group accepts many
insurance plans, but it is
important to keep in mind that
the insurance companies we
contract with may change
occasionally. We encourage
anyone who may be contemplating
making an appointment to verify
we are currently contracted with
their insurance company by calling
our office at (260) 432-2311.
Deductibles, Copays, etc...
We are often asked what your cost will be under your insurance plan. Unfortunately, due to the many plans offered by each insurance company, there is no standard amount. However, you may call your insurance company (the number is most likely on the back of your card) and inquire as to what your "Mental Health Benefits" are. The insurance company should be able to tell you what your deductible and copay will be.

For additional questions, please call us at (260) 432-2311

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